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Injuries that are considered catastrophic can be detrimental to victims. A serious injury can lead to significant setbacks, including physical and cognitive impairment, financial instability, and a lowered quality of life. At Johnson, Zegen, Scott & Williams, PLLC, our team is here to help if you need a Dallas catastrophic injury attorney by your side. Here, we want to discuss what we mean by catastrophic or serious injuries as well as where you can turn if you need help securing compensation in these cases.

What Is Considered A “Serious” Injury In Dallas?

Not all injuries are considered serious or catastrophic. Typically, we will see that the personal injury law defines catastrophic injuries as those that cause the victim to lose a vital part of their “person.” This may seem a little confusing but typically means that a person loses their ability to walk, loses their hear or see, sustains a loss of cognitive function, or loses a limb. A serious injury is one that can lead to significant setbacks and significantly lower the quality of life of the victim.

At Johnson, Zegen, Scott & Williams, PLLC, our Dallas catastrophic injury attorneys regularly help clients who have sustained the following:

Common Causes Of Serious Injuries In Dallas

A serious or catastrophic injury can occur in a wide variety of ways. Often, these injuries are caused by the negligent or wrongful actions of other individuals, businesses, or entities in and around the Dallas area. Our attorneys regularly help clients who have sustained serious injuries due to the following:

This is not an all-inclusive list of how catastrophic injuries can occur in the Dallas area. Please contact our attorneys so they can provide you with a free consultation of your case and help guide you towards the best path forward for your situation.

Why Is A Catastrophic Injury Claim Different Than A Regular Injury Claim?

As we went through the list of “catastrophic injuries” above, you may have noticed a pattern. For each one of those injuries, there is a high likelihood that the victim will sustain some sort of permanent disability. In some cases, this disability will be physical. This could include rendering a person unable to walk, use their arm, or perform everyday functions. Catastrophic injuries can also have a profound effect on a person’s cognitive abilities. In general, catastrophic injuries are those in which a person may never be made “whole” again.

These types of injuries differ from traditional personal injuries in which a person is usually able to make a complete recovery after a relatively short amount of time. Because of this, it is certainly necessary to talk about why catastrophic injury victims often end up sustaining significant expenses that can last a lifetime.

The Lifetime Costs of A Catastrophic Injury

For most personal injury cases, the injury victim usually only experiences financial losses caused by the injury for a short period of time. For example, if a person breaks their arm in a car wreck, they will be on the line for the medical expenses caused by the injury as well as some possible lost income if they cannot work for a few weeks.

However, the medical expenses for a catastrophic injury victim may never stop. For someone who sustains a spinal cord injury or a severe traumatic brain injury, they may require daily medical care for the rest of their lives. Additionally, a catastrophic injury could prevent that person from working, or it could prevent them from returning to the same “type” of employment, thereby lowering the amount of money they are able to bring home to their family. These lost wages or loss of earning capacity must be taken into account when considering the total financial compensation available to a catastrophic injury victim.

What Type of Compensation is Available For A Dallas Catastrophic Injury Claim?

If you or somebody you care about has sustained a catastrophic injury caused by someone else in the Dallas area, you may be entitled to various types of compensation. At Johnson, Zegen, Scott & Williams, PLLC, our team is regularly able to help clients and their families recover the following:

  • Coverage of all emergency medical bills
  • Coverage of long-term medical needs
  • Compensation for a higher cost of living caused by a disability
  • Lost income or lost earning capacity compensation
  • General household out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of quality of life damages
  • Possible punitive damages against a grossly negligent party

The total amount of compensation available for these claims will vary depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding each particular situation. Our skilled Dallas catastrophic injury attorneys will help evaluate the situation and determine the best steps moving forward.

Time Limit To File A Catastrophic Injury Claim In Dallas

It is crucial for injury victims and family members in Dallas to know that there is a time limit for filing these claims. The Texas personal injury statute of limitations is two years from the date an injury occurs. This gives victims a two-year window with which to file a lawsuit against the alleged negligent party, or they will lose the ability to recover any compensation for their losses.

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If you or somebody you care about has sustained a serious injury caused by the negligent or wrongful actions of somebody else, the team at Johnson, Zegen, Scott & Williams, PLLC is here to help. We understand how detrimental these injuries can be, and our goal is to investigate what happened so we can determine liability. Let us help secure compensation for your medical bills, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, lower quality of life, and more. When you need a Dallas catastrophic injury attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or by calling us at 214-295-2900.

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