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Imagine being a pro-athlete for over a decade. Your career is built around your skill, abilities, and is in perfect shape. After you retire, you are still young at 48-years-old. You take a bike ride outside your home, only to be struck from behind by a careless driver. Now, two months later, you are trying […]

For those who suffer from traumatic brain injuries, life is rarely the same. Traumatic brain injuries, TBI, are often referred to as the “invisible epidemic” (CDC). Many disabilities associated with TBI’s are not readily apparent. They range from cognitive, emotional, sensory, and motor damages. A person’s personality may seem to change over time. A person […]

Recovering from a brain injury can be grueling and expensive. An ambulance ride, medical bills, occupational therapy, physical therapy, loss of wages, and other unforeseen expenses add up. Sometimes a brain injury can create life-long problems that require extended medical care. When we’re seriously injured, the financial burden can be overwhelming. Medical debt is a […]

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